Sarasota Slim and Nitro

Performing at the Main Stage

4:30pm to 5:30pm

Like Tampa Red, Sarasota Slim wears his hometown pride on his sleeve. Born Gene Hardage, Slim has been part of the Tampa Bay blues scene for decades, and was part of the group called the Gulf Coast Blues Society that helped establish the best weekly blues jam in the Tampa Bay area, the Monday night shindig at the Green Iguana on West Shore Blvd. in Tampa.

In the '80s, Slim was a bandmate of Lucky Peterson, who went on to become well known in the international blues scene, while Slim kept living around here, helping build the local blues scene. He performed often with local bluesman Rock Bottom, and he’s still a regular at local blues festivals and rock concerts. His breed of the blues is highly influenced by classic R&B and soul, with some boogie-woogie thrown in for good measure.

Nitro Bozeman began playing harmonica in front of audiences since the tender age of 7. 60 years later, he still blows the audiences away with his skilled harmonica playing. He was known as "Lil Red" in Chicago - one mean boxer and harmonica player - but subsequently transplanted to Florida and became the heart of Chicago Blues in the deep heat of the state of Florida.