Dockta D

Performing on Stage one


Born under a bad sign, Dockta D has been blowin’ harmonica ever since he was ten. His older brothers always had plenty of musical instruments around the house and he messed around with guitar, bass, drums, sax, and harmonica. But, he fell in love with the blues harp one fateful night at a Paul Butterfield concert held in circa 1971 in his high school gymnasium (Mount Pleasant High). He had been messing around with harp for a few years but, that night, he heard the voice of God… well, it was actually Paul’s sweet and monstrous amplified harp sound screaming from the PA system, and the young ] Dockta D (known back then as “Intern D”) knew right then and there that he would be a harp player for the rest of his life. From that day forth, he could be heard practicing daily in the stairwells of his high school, which had a nice echo. Eventually, he was asked to join a local band, Icarus, (headed by Nick Bucci) and got his feet wet (literally… they did a lot of pool parties) performing in front of people. Soon, he started his own band, which he called, “Loose Goose“*, which performed in the Quad-State area. He loved playing for people and soon adapted a 50 ft mic cable into the act so that he could venture out into the audience and play directly to the people (pre-dating the wireless audience forays of the marvelous Rod Piazza). He also pioneered the fine art of jumping from the top of the PA cabinets into the audience to end the show on the last note (and thereby credits himself with stage-diving and crowd surfing). He never broke a single leg nor skull – his own or anybody else’s – not one single time.